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I was born on sunny island Singapore and greatly blessed to have a close knitted family. In my younger years, I had my challenges with academics mainly (what else matters in Singapore right?) and was almost on the brink of depression. Thankfully it all came to pass and I graduated with a BSc Business from University of London in SIM. Then you know the story: got a job, worked 9am-5pm… Just like everyone else.

In 2009, I decided to take the leap of faith and partnered 2 friends to start a cafe in Phnom Penh.

Young and impetuous; I thought we were very cool (I don’t really know what they felt lol) to go onto a business venture overseas and start a cafe (cool-ness level up). Without proper planning and analysis, we sinked all our savings (I ended up in personal debts) and went full force to kickstart our cafe! We knew nothing about the F&B industry – I was the only one who knew how to cook and make coffee like a barista, my partners picked up the skills along the way – and thinking back I really couldn’t believe our guts! Moving on, we struggled with our sustainability especially our cash flow, adjusting to customers’ requests and networking amongst many other challenges; not forgetting the fact that throughout this whole time we had people taking advantage of us and others just prying into our business for the opportunity to. I have learnt much from this experience and cannot explain in words how important it is to think and act with a plan in mind. The business lasted about a year and we decided to end it.

Back in Singapore in 2011, lost and helpless, I decided to give it a shot in the financial sales industry because I went through countless interviews and nobody valued my failure. I wouldn’t package myself otherwise (like financial consultant or financial planner) and I always call myself an insurance agent, plain and simple – I was in the light and I had nothing to hide, so I don’t see the need to regard myself as a more atas name. I have done pretty decently for 5 years, until I got married and had bubbly Styx in my life (her initials sound cool, like some arty farty name).

In 2015, my world turned upside down and my life changed forever…

Suddenly I was conferred the title of M-U-M-M-Y! The term didn’t strike as hard when she was in my tummy, neither did it lead me to think and look further into my life. When I was pregnant I was still thinking about infant care arrangements and how I would work very hard to give her the best I could. Somehow when I held her in my hands, I realised that I had to care for her dearly and be there physically – I stopped thinking of being a career woman, I stopped wanting to have material needs – all I wanted was to do nothing and just be mummy to her.

Now, I feel like I just want to spend the most of my time with her because if I don’t, the minutes tick away and I will lose the moments forever. I also know that if I decide to stop working, my husband has to bear the burden of being the sole breadwinner of our family. He has to take care of his elderly parents as well and I hope that we will not weigh him down further though I believe he is more than happy to. Hence, the win-win situation would be to be a mumpreneur working from home to have some income. In this way I get to help out financially and I also get to spend lots and lots of quality time with Styx.

If I have these concerns, I believe many mummies like myself would also have the same dilemma. We want to spend more time with our kids, yet we are taxed with the responsibility of helping to support the family financially. This is also the reason why I’ve started this blog. I would like to share parenting ideas with like-minded ladies (I envision it to be two-way) on how to be more economical, and also on starting businesses from home.

Let’s share practical ideas, give positive energy and have meaningful relationships!